Where do you fall?

The skin care industry is a booming one with absolutely no signs of slowing down. As a skin care professional, I find it difficult to be on top of every trend coming out, as they are coming out almost weekly! This fact can make me feel stressed, overwhelmed and even lacking in expertise. After some inner reflection and some deep breaths, I always come to the conclusion that I don’t have to know everything, nor do I have to have every “latest and greatest” treatment available to my clients to be successful or credible. I think it is more important to focus on what you are good at and do it to your best ability. And in our case, we are very good at skin care. I’m not referring to today’s version of skin care…the botox, fillers, & lasers. I am talking about the age old methods of cleansing, manipulating & stimulating the skin to bring out the radiance you never knew you could have kind of skin care! This is where we shine! And I truly believe that we are the only place in the rocky mountains you can find the kind of skin care I am talking about.

Let me clarify my feelings about “today’s skin care”. I have absolutely no problem with modern aesthetics. I am a medical aesthetician, for goodness sake! I was in a medical facility offering laser aesthetics to our patients daily. I find each and every new innovation fascinating and truly exciting…how wonderful for we, who are growing older (thank you, God!) in this era?! We have access to so much to better improve our health and lives.

I guess what I mean by asking, “where do you fall?” is just that. Are you looking for an instant fix, such as botox and fillers? Totally fine if your answer is yes with a big fat exclamation point!!! No judgement here. Are you willing to walk the fine line with laser aesthetics where you have 1 of 3 outcomes…your results are just as you hoped, perhaps an expensive disappointment, or your left dealing with a problem far greater than what you started with due to lack of experience or maybe a complete fluke. The third outcome is certainly the least common of the 3, but definitely still a possibility. As far as injectables, I am a huge fan for their instant result and accessibility, but let’s face it, they are expensive and temporary and there is absolutely no enhancement to the health of your skin. Or maybe that is what you are looking for…skin health? A place where your provider believe’s skin care is health care. Where we believe everything is connected? Where there is a tried and true established method to incorporate physical, mental and emotional health into your outer vitality? If you fall into this last category, you belong at Believe.

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