High Expectations

I’m sure all aestheticians can relate to this next topic…the pressure that comes with high expectations from your clients or patients.  Not to say that is unreasonable to have high expectations-they absolutely should!  I know I do.  It just seems like more and more people are expecting amazing results with their skin treatments.  I believe it is due to the increasing societal pressures to maintain one’s youth & also a result from the recession.

There is so much pressure, especially for women, to look a certain way to be considered “beautiful”.  Which is of course rubbish, but many of us are buying in to that perception.  Freeze that expression!  Fill this line!!  And they’re coming out with new methods of doing so all the time!

I feel like our struggling economy is really the main reason why people are expecting so much these days.  There is the mentality that, “if I’m going to pay that kind of money…it better work!”.  Completely understandable.  Let’s face it, receiving professional skin therapy is not considered vital to survival, and many people are cutting back or all together eliminating it from their lives.

But, the truth is: there is no guarantees.  Someone could experience awesome results from one microderm/ peel treatment, and another person see little results after 6.  Everyone is different.  The most important thing you can do for your clients (& yourself) is to be honest.  Establish concerns and goals with your client, give a variety of treatment options to consider with varying prices & encourage realistic expectations.

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