A blog for skin care professionals (& skin care lover’s).

Hello!  My name is Audrey.  I am a mother, wife…& aesthetician!!  A medical aesthetican, at that.  I own and operate a small business called Believe Skin Health Studio in Silverthorne, CO.  Have I mentioned that I am extremely successful?  Maybe not in the way you might be thinking…no, being an aesthetician and small business owner has not made me rich!  But, I get to do what I love for a living.  Being self employed has it’s challenges.  For example, just being able to afford decent health insurance-yikes!  It is so damn expensive that I can only afford to have insurance, but not use it!  But, being the mother of an incredible, beautiful little girl, I couldn’t (& wouldn’t) have it any other way.

I fill the few days I am in the studio, and spend the rest of my time raising my sweet Bella.  When I opened Believe in the Spring of 2009, my passion for aesthetics was revitalized by the freshness (& certainly fear) of my new venture.  Would I make it?  Would I fail?  So far, I would say I have done neither.  I am surviving…and loving the journey.

By starting this blog, I hope to once again awaken my passion for skin care.  I hope to reach fellow professional skin care providers.  Share thoughts, experiences, ask & answer questions, & just become a better aesthetician for my clients, my business & myself.  Won’t you, too, join in?

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